Angarak Dosh Remedies: 1 Day Solution

Angarak Dosh Remedies

If you’re looking to fully eliminate Angarak Dosh from your Kundali, we’ve gathered some effective Angarak Dosh Remedies to for you. These methods have been tried and found useful by many people, bringing positive changes to their lives. Additionally, we’ll share a profound solution from our ancient scriptures to completely remove Angarak Dosh.

What is Angarak Dosh?

Angarak Dosh is a specific condition in astrology that occurs when the planet Mars (Mangal Grah) is in a weak position or placed unfavorably in someone’s astrological chart. Mars is associated with anger, energy, land, and kindness. If it is weak and located in the wrong place, it creates Angarak Dosh. This condition affects people’s lives in various ways.

Remedies of Angarak Dosh

To reduce the negative effects of Angarak Dosh in our lives, we can practice these remedies.

  • You can offer rice to Lord Bhairav ​​on a banana leaf. You can offer rice to Lord Bhairav ​​on a banana leaf. And it would be auspicious to light a clarified butter (Desi Ghee) lamp in the temple every day.
  • Every Tuesday, wear red clothes and worship Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Distribute prasad of jaggery and gram (Gud and Chana) on Tuesday.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly.
  • On Tuesday, offer water to the root of the Peepal tree and revolve around it.
  • On Tuesday, wake up before sunrise, take bath and wear red clothes and worship Lord Mars. Offer jaggery and red flowers.
  • Donate red clothes, jaggery, lentils, copper utensils etc. on Tuesday.
  • To reduce the effect of Angarak Dosha, it is auspicious to flow raw coal equal to its weight in flowing water.

Here are some simple ways to deal with Angarak Dosh. Try to make these actions part of your regular routine.

If you find it difficult to consistently follow these remedies, there is an alternative available. You can participate in a one-day Angarak Dosh Nivaran Puja in Ujjain, which is designed to completely remove Angarak Dosh Yog.

How to perform Angarak Dosh Pooja in Ujjain?

Performing Angarak Dosh Nivaran Puja in Ujjain is straightforward. You don’t need to worry about arranging the necessary items or facilities. Simply contact an experienced pandit Ji, who will handle everything for you.

Pandit Ji for Angarak Dosh Nivaran Pooja in Ujjain

Ujjain Pandit Contact Number

Aacharya Deepak Vyas is a well-known Pandit in Ujjain for conducting various special prayers such as Angarak Dosh Puja, Mangal Dosh Puja, and Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja. He has over 19 years of experience and people have seen positive outcomes after completing the rituals with him.

You can easily contact Pandit Ji by Call or WhatsApp to get information about the puja and it’s cost and the best time to perform it. Click the button below to schedule a puja in Ujjain.

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